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Maldives Dive Destination Guide

To create a once in a lifetime diving experience for our guests we make every effort to ensure that we provide our DBI Ambassadors with every tool they may need to help you decide on your perfect destination. For this reason, we have been working tirelessly with our team of instructors to create a series of ‘Dive Destination Guides’. Using the unparalleled experience and geographical knowledge of our specialist team of instructors, we have now completed our first guide to the Maldives.

We believe we have created the most comprehensive scuba diving guide to the Maldives currently available. These guides will become one of our most valuable assets and services not only for our Ambassadors but for captains and guests alike. They include an overview of specific areas to tempt you from the outset and the information to deliver a dive experience of a lifetime, containing stunning photography and unique diving information and insight! These guides will grow and develop over time incorporating cutting edge diving technology and HD videos. Our next guide will be for Indonesia.

A taste of what you can expect – The Maldives

Imagine yourself on the deck of a diving tender of the beautiful yacht you’ve chartered for the week. You’re an adventurer, an explorer, you are a scuba diver. You have just left your yacht on the dive tender manned by the expert Dive Butler team and are about to dive at one of our local dive sites. You are 3 degrees north of the equator, and have just left the yacht on the dive tender.

During your dive briefing you were told that myriads of fish await you below the apparent calm surface of the water. Rays, Jacks, reef sharks and a thousand other species of fish you will see in abundance. As you’re about to explore the new dive site, a feeling of timelessness is reflected here and the sense of excitement is at its height as your prepare to jump into the turquoise water to visit its inhabitants. A strong sense of “déjà vu” perhaps, have I been here before, perhaps in another lifetime?

As you jump in and follow the guide to the reef top, you see a large shadow coming towards you; as it comes closer you recognize a Napoleon Wrasse sizing you up. These magnificent dark green fish have a hump on their forehead that is reminiscent of Napoleon’s hat, and also some Maori-like tattoos near their eyes that are unique to each individual. They can live up to 100 years of age, weigh up to 100 kg and it is said to have the ability to recognize individual divers.

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