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Itinerary Planning

Dive Butler offer a designated bespoke dive itinerary planning services for private yachts, charter companies and luxury 5-star resorts. We also offer a complete dive holiday planning service for individuals. This is offered as a standalone service as well as being part of our onboard instructor services.

Due to our extensive pool of instructors and their combined geographical knowledge we can offer our diving itinerary service for almost any location worldwide, taking you to some of the most beautiful, remote, unspoilt, inaccessible diving available.

We offer Individual and Yacht trip planning for any length of trip supplying detailed itineraries for a chosen location, or for a full season ahead.

We can also advise and implement any additional safety and standard procedures that may be required for a chosen location.

As part of our diving itinerary planning service we can also build in and organise the collection and supply of diving equipment including the refilling of tanks, to any yacht anywhere in the world.


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