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Additional services

We would like to make you aware of some of the additional services that Dive Butler International can offer. We have at your disposal, highly skilled and experienced Dive Medics, Hyperbaric Doctors & Marine Biologists. Should you have a requirement for any ‘out of the ordinary’ dive related skill, we will have the personnel for you. Please let us know any request you may have.

We recently had one such, short notice request, and as we are always looking to improve our services, we ask our guests and captains for constructive criticism. We would like to share with you the feedback that we received, which will give you a taste of the service we strive to deliver each and every time we set out on an adventure.

‘Too be honest there is very little I can offer in the way of criticism, constructive or otherwise. You were simply instrumental in assisting us to pull a successful trip out of thin air in no time at all.’

(Yacht name withheld to preserve confidentially)



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