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About Dive Butler

Dive Butler are pioneers in the field of true luxury diving, being the first of its kind to provide luxury scuba diving instructors, private personal scuba guides, diving  itinerary services, dive management and consulting services across the world to super yacht owners and guests, yacht charter and management companies, individuals and the luxury scuba diving market.

Dive Butler’s objective is to provide safe, seamless, luxury scuba diving services to new, beginner and experienced scuba divers alike, in an atmosphere of trust, focusing strongly on service, safety, environmental awareness and conservation. This achieved through highly specialised professionals and by using our JUST DIVE ™ Brand Promise Standards.

Where ever and whenever, at your private yacht, villa, or at a dive destination of your choosing, we’ll be there for you bringing luxury scuba diving to new heights.

Dive from a yacht anywhere in the world, with a private, one to one, guide who knows the area and an instructor that can teach and qualify you in any area of scuba diving.  All of our PADI instructors are multilingual with additional skills such as Underwater Videography or Marine Biology & conservation and are experienced in handling high profile clients. All equipment is assembled, disassembled and cleaned for the client for a true luxury scuba diving experience.

We offer the ultimate paradise adventure in unspoilt, inaccessible and unexplored territory. Our service is tailored to your party’s specific needs and skills. From novices to experienced divers we guarantee to offer you the adventure of a lifetime.

Our worldwide services include but are not limited to:

  • One to one diving courses leading to the award of PADI or SSI diving certificates and a wide range of speciality diving certifications.
  • Yacht Crew PADI Diving Instructor courses, allowing any yacht to always offer a luxury scuba diving experience to their clients.
  • All PADI Certifications for Novice Divers or Advanced Divers, dependant on your needs; with private one-to-one courses available at home, on board, or at a resort.
  • Yacht Itinerary Planning or supply detailed Diving Yacht Itineraries for a chosen location or a full season trip.
  • Dive Management and Consulting Services for on board facilities, advising on setting up on board dive centres, facilities and supply of the latest diving emergency equipment.

Dive Butler is the culmination of Alexis Vincent’s life work and it is our aim to provide the ultimate in recreational luxury scuba diving experiences, tailoring each and every trip to the clients own specific needs and desires.

Whether you wish to learn how to dive, organize the dive trip of a lifetime, have a private dive buddy, dive master or seek dive business management and consultant expertise, we can provide the solution. We put passion into action and deliver world-class diving services wherever you may be.

‘There is no better feeling than being on the ocean, with no other boat or resort within site and to know that nobody has dived there for years, maybe ever’.




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