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Diving in Palau: The Pearl of the Pacific

Alexis Vincent, Founder of Dive Butler, finds his diving utopia in Palau. “Palau is much more than just a diving destination. It’s like you’re in heaven” enthused Alexis Vincent, Founder of Dive Butler. His excitement is palpable. “I have dived in a lot of places around the world, but the biodiversity and the sheer abundance […]

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Find Your Inner Sea Gypsy Diving in Myanmar

Tucked away in the crook of the Bay of Bengal and bordering Thailand to its south, Myanmar is a place divers visit with few preconceptions. The underwater landscape is as rich as its diverse mainland, where more than 100 ethnic groups exist amid wild rainforests and towering mountains. Diving in Myanmar reveals mantas, dolphins and […]

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Getting Off the Grid: Diving in the Gulf of Thailand

Thailand is the epitome of tropical bliss: a country steeped in rich traditions, with mouth-watering cuisine and boasting miles of coastline speckled with postcard-worthy beaches. Just off the coast, the islands are the country’s crowning glory. To the west, the Andaman Sea laps at the shores of the Similan Islands and strings of pearly islets […]

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