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Neutral Buoyancy, My Personal Journey

As part of this series dedicated to mastering the art of buoyancy, Claudia Perucchini tells us of her first experiences trying to find neutral buoyancy, and how she realized that it is the fundamental skill for relaxed, happy and safe scuba diving. Join us as we take a look at what neutral buoyancy is, what […]

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Diving with Sharks in Protea Banks, South Africa

  Dive Butler’s staff have dived in some truly enviable places. All in the name of research, you understand. There have been trips to the twinkling blue seas of Raja Ampat, with their colourful corals and schools of pretty iridescent fish. There have been forays into the heart of the Pacific to far-flung paradises such […]

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Whales, Sharks and Wrecks: Diving Aliwal Shoal

  As part of a series of interviews with Dive Butler’s team of vastly experienced divers, we sat down with Barbara Cesario, personal assistant to managing director Alexis Vincent, to chat about her recent trip to South Africa. Dive Butler’s team aren’t afraid to try out new and heart-pumping experiences underwater. In fact, they absolutely […]

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Scuba Diving South Africa’s Sardine Run

Every June along South Africa’s coast, a sense of anticipation hangs in the air and sea. Locals, tourists, birds and ocean predators await one of the planet’s most spectacular shows: the great sardine run. Billions of sardines head north along the cold currents all the way to Mozambique and then veer off into the Indian […]

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Experiencing the Thrill of a Personal Submersible Dive

By Barbara Cesario

U-Boat Worx invited Dive Butler to experience some of the fascinating shipwrecks around Malta in their Super Yacht Sub 3 Submersible. I was lucky enough, and very excited, to enjoy this opportunity and share an impression of the feeling of submersible diving. Spoiler – it’s amazing! Cruising on the M/V Alk we were fortunate to […]

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