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Diving with Sharks in French Polynesia

by Samantha Wilson When Blue Planet II drew to a close, we were left reeling. The acclaimed BBC natural history documentary series has once again astounded us, bringing to life the characters that inhabit our vast oceans. One of the standout moments of the series took place in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, beneath […]

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Experiencing the Thrill of a Personal Submersible Dive

By Barbara Cesario

U-Boat Worx invited Dive Butler to experience some of the fascinating shipwrecks around Malta in their Super Yacht Sub 3 Submersible. I was lucky enough, and very excited, to enjoy this opportunity and share an impression of the feeling of submersible diving. Spoiler – it’s amazing! Cruising on the M/V Alk we were fortunate to […]

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Top 5 scuba diving destinations worth visiting whilst sailing around Cuba

Mention Cuba, and images of a beautiful timeworn land, with classic cars outside brightly coloured dwellings in grandiose colonial squares immediately spring to mind. A place where you can wander down cobblestoned streets filled with magical aromas, set off by an eclectic mix of music pouring from every doorway and around every corner. Luckily for […]

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