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Discover the Bounty of Diving in the Andaman Sea

Thailand and Myanmar are an alluring maze of pretty islands popping out of impossibly clear water. The lush, dense interiors of these landmasses are often home to ancient cultures and significant archaeological sites. For superyachts, these nations offer the opportunity to escape the crowds, to seek out an isolated corner of paradise where nature abounds. […]

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Neutral Buoyancy and Photography

  After noticing a rise in the use of underwater cameras, Claudia Perrucchini grew concerned that safety is increasingly being compromised for the perfect shot. Here, she talks to a professional photographer and dive butler Todd about neutral buoyancy and photography.     The last time I dived in Thailand’s Similan islands, I was shocked. […]

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Diving in a Kaleidoscope of Colour in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Claudia and Alexis, Life Butler’s co-founders, have done their fair share of diving. All across the globe, they have dived some of the most astounding, unchartered and enviable places imaginable. From the frigid waters of British Columbia to the bath-warm waters of Raja Ampat in Indonesia, they have experienced rip-roaring drifts, bumped shoulders with schools […]

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