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Whales, Sharks and Wrecks: Diving Aliwal Shoal

  As part of a series of interviews with Dive Butler’s team of vastly experienced divers, we sat down with Barbara Cesario, personal assistant to managing director Alexis Vincent, to chat about her recent trip to South Africa. Dive Butler’s team aren’t afraid to try out new and heart-pumping experiences underwater. In fact, they absolutely […]

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Experiencing the Thrill of a Personal Submersible Dive

By Barbara Cesario

U-Boat Worx invited Dive Butler to experience some of the fascinating shipwrecks around Malta in their Super Yacht Sub 3 Submersible. I was lucky enough, and very excited, to enjoy this opportunity and share an impression of the feeling of submersible diving. Spoiler – it’s amazing! Cruising on the M/V Alk we were fortunate to […]

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