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Dive Consulting Services

Dive Butler International offer many consulting and management services for yachts, dive centers, liveaboards and any related recreational dive businesses – dive equipment retail, dive travel, etc.

Within our consulting services we also advise on setting up of resort based dive centres, onboard dive centres, facilities and supply of the latest diving and emergency equipment including Never Lost diver transmitters. We can supply detailed diving itineraries and assist in preparation planning for any chosen location.

Dive Centres

DBI offers managerial, concessionaire or franchise services and advice for dive centres across the globe. With over 10 years’ experience in dive business management and operations in the Caribbean, Middle East, North Africa and Asia, dealing mainly within the 5 star luxury diving market, the individuals behind DBI bring you the expertise needed to establish a successful dive venture.

Our dive center consultation services include but are not limited to:

  • A thorough evaluation of your dive business – we will provide and help you implement, tried and tested, effective solutions to maximize revenue, increase safety, lower expenses and offer improved services to your customers. A great way to increase your dive center profit.
  • We offer a sales training service specific to dive centres, which has been evolved through our many years of dive centre management. This involves general sales technics, including how to maximise your revenue, upselling, closing a sale, reading body language, how to create effective price lists and marketing strategies, POS systems and so much more.
  • DBI affiliation/partner program – become a DBI affiliated dive business, our brand name is recognised worldwide and as such, your business will benefit from added exposure, affiliation and joint marketing ventures.
  • Video/photo lab setup service – launch a new revenue generating aspect of your business by offering above and below water photo and video services. This service not only generates a new revenue flow but it gives you and your host hotel (if applicable) an on-going and free source of promotional material through the footage/images captured.
  • Dive Center/Dive Business Brokering – if you wish to purchase or sell a dive business, whether a dive boat or a dive center we can help you find the right solution for you.

Whether you are looking for a management company, a concessionaire or a franchise to help you operate your dive center, DBI has the solution.

Affiliated Dive Centers:  Constance Halaveli Resort – Maldives  |  TGI Diving International – Worldwide


Dive Butler international offer a wide range of dive management and consulting services for onboard scuba diving facilities. We can enhance the current services you offer on your yacht or consult with you on a new luxury yacht build, which wishes to incorporate a fully equipped dive centre, from inception to completion and full after care services.

We will advise on setting up onboard dive centres from the outfitting of scuba diving equipment, including compressors, filling stations and general dive equipment, design a dive garage or dive Lazarette, PADI dive boat membership acquisition, setting up an onboard underwater photo and video studio complete with editing equipment. We can assist in the recommendation and supply of the latest diving emergency equipment including Never Lost diver transmitters, portable defibrillators, first aid kits and other emergency supplies.

If you want to bring your yacht to the exploratory level, we can even source submarines and hyperbaric chambers.  We conduct our business in the most transparent and un-bias way possible by passing over to you and your organization any discounts or price reductions we receive from our suppliers.

We can provide Yacht Itinerary Planning for one dive or a full season trip and detailed Diving Yacht Itineraries for any chosen location – without the need of having one of our instructors onboard. We can also implement any additional safety and standard procedures that may be required for a chosen location, and we are always ready to provide suggestions to improve the standard procedures in general.

For any aspect of diving we have the consultant with the correct experience for your project.


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